Broker / Agency Portal


Envoy's Broker Portal empowers producers to leverage their carrier appointments to quote multiple products with a single, consolidated quote submission application.  Through Envoy's integration with the HeraldAPI, producers are presented with a dynamic quote application with a real time set of coverage and risk questions required to return a quote.

One Application. Multiple LOBs

The Envoy portal allows producers to quote across multiple lines of business with a single quote submission application. Questions repeated across LOBs and Products are deduplicated and consolidated into a single set of questions. Add a new carrier appointment in < 1 minute and start quoting immediately.

Deduplicated. Consolidated

Envoy's application is dynamic based on the latest set of coverage and risk questions returned from the Carriers. As new questions are added by carriers, Envoy updates the application process with no code changes.

One Portal. Multiple Quotes

Quote responses are presented for comparison, along with any documents returned from the carriers. Producers can bind quotes through deep links into the Carrier's portal.